ClassLink for Students

Logging into Chromebooks:

 Chromebooks will now have a new login screen style:

 Talk to your principals about the QuickCards for your students. This allows students to log in using an index card with a printed QR code. Otherwise, students can use their standard login and password.

IMPORTANT: the username for this login is NOT the student's full email address. Use the username as printed under "Student username" in PowerSchool.


The launchpad can always be reached by pointing a web browser to:

If your students aren't using Chromebooks, they will have to sign in with their regular username and password.

The Launchpad looks like this:

Students can click on any of the apps/sites to launch them. Students can also customize their launchpad apps by clicking on the App Library button:

Students can click the green "Add" button on any of the apps here to add it to their launchpad. Apps that they are already on their launchpad but that they can remove will instead have a red "Remove" button.

Apps with the key stripe have single sign-on (SSO) integration, and can log students directly into the respective app without the need to enter their credentials every time. The PowerSchool app below is SSO, but SmartyAnts is not:

Some apps will still require the student to log in at least once, but the credentials can be saved for future visits:

A full guide for all the features of the student launchpad can be found here:

If you have any websites that you would like to make available to your students on the launchpad, please open up a support ticket with the requested website and the tech department will enable it.

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  • 25-Sep-2017