How Parents Re-Enroll Through PowerSchool

1. The parent logs into the PowerSchool parent portal here:

They must create their own account in order to sign in. Once their account is created, they can link their students' info to their account using a unique access ID and password generated for each student. There is a form letter built in PowerSchool that will provide this information. Click here for the guide on how to generate that letter.

2. After logging in, the parent selects the student they wish to re-enroll in the top left. NB: the parent must have a student actively enrolled in order to log into the parent portal! In the left-hand navigation bar, they can then click on "Yukon-Koyukuk Returning Student Enrollment" to be taken to the online re-enrollment form:

3. The parent will be prompted to accept the terms of use for InfoSnap, and will then be prompted to enter the student's birthdate for verification. After doing so, the parent can fill out the enrollment form at their leisure.

If they need to take a break or aren't ready to submit quite yet, they can choose "Save and Log Out" in the top-right of the browser window. They can return through the enrollment button above and continue filling out the form when they are ready.

Attached to this article are both the YKSD School Compact and the YKSD Student Acceptable Use Policy (see the attachment links to the right). Feel free to download and print these out for parents/students to fill out while onsite, so they can be scanned and uploaded on the documents page of the registration process.