How to Print PowerSchool Parent Access Letters

1. Log into the admin side of PowerSchool.

2. Select your students. You can select a single student or use the quick searches to pull groups of students. You can select all of them at once by clicking "All":

3a. With your students selected, click the tiny down arrow in the lower-right of the student selection list. In the pop-up menu, click on "Print Reports":

3b. If you search for a single student, you'll be taken directly to their student info pages. Click on "Print A Report" in the top-left of the student selection screen:

4. In the report drop-down selection, choose "Web ID and Password Letter for Parents/Student." Make sure to print all the records! You can ignore all the other settings on this page, and then select "Submit" at the bottom:

5. The report will queue up in your generated reports list. Once it's finished, click on "View" to open up a PDF that you can save to your computer or print directly:

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  • 17-Apr-2017