Find Your Computer's MAC Address

In OS X:

1. Click on the Apple Menu and select "System Preferences..."

2. Click on Network

3. Make sure your Wireless connection is selected (1) then click on the Advanced button in the lower right (2).

4. Click on the Hardware tab to find your MAC address.

In iOS (iPad/iPhones)

1. Tap on the Settings app:

2. Tap on General:

3. Tap on About:

4. The MAC address is listed next to "Wi-Fi Address":

In Windows 7/8/10:

1. Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard.

2. In the window that appears, type in: cmd

3. This will open the command prompt. Type in: ipconfig /all

and press Enter. This will print out a lot of information. Look for the entry for "Wireless LAN adapter." The Physical Address for this entry is your MAC address.

Alternate Windows 10 Method:

1. Click the wifi icon in the lower right, then select "Network & Internet Settings":

2. Select "WiFi" in the left-hand navigation menu, then select "Hardware Properties" in the main information area:

3. The MAC address is listed at the bottom:

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  • 10-Aug-2018